Yoga & Holistic Healing in Japan’s Spiritual Heartland

Amanemu welcomes leading wellness practitioners Buathon Thienarrom, Turu Ogaswara and Yutaka Homma for a collaborative four-night retreat. Enjoy a personalised schedule of treatments, including yoga, bodywork and healing therapies, designed to address both mental and physical discomfort, from poor digestion and low energy to sleep disorders, bad posture and negative thought patterns

Date: 1-9 OCTOBER 2016

A holistic practitioner from Thailand, Buathon’s aim is to deliver the balanced wellbeing of body, mind and spirit through good health. Her extensive background incorporates studies in nursing, psychology and health sociology, as well extensive training in alternative therapies – but it was her study of Taoism that helped her understand the true meaning of holistic health, and led her to develop her own unique healing method: ZenNaTai. Meaning ‘the state of freedom and emptiness’ that comes from good health, ZenNaTai is an integrated therapeutic treatment, based on the practices of traditional Chinese medicine, that helps the body release tension, generate chi flow and encourage a peaceful mind. Based in Hua Hin, Buathon established the Sukkasart Institute of Healing Arts in 2008. She leads wellbeing retreats around the world, and trains spa professional across Southeast Asia


Having trained in and taught Shiatsu and traditional Chinese medicine in California and Hawaii, in 2001 Yutaka established the Japan Shiatsu Promotion and Academy (J-SPA), followed by a shiatsu and massage school in Ho Chi Minh City. Today, he has a loyal following of clients across the globe

Training under the guidance of watsu founder, Harold Dull, and renowned aquatic instructors Minakshi and Their Thomas, Toru became a certified watsu practitioner in 2006 and a watsu Instructor in 2008. Returning to Japan, he opened Okinawa Watsu Center in 2009, where he is currently CEO

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Those in need of a lifestyle overhaul. This retreat’s combination of yoga, bodywork and healing therapies addresses both mental and physical discomfort, from poor digestion and low energy to sleep disorders, bad posture and negative thought patterns.


Amanemu’s location, overlooking the pearl-rich shores of Ago Bay in Ise-Shima national park, is a site of natural wonders and spiritual importance. Swathes of sacred forest surround the property, incorporating Ise-Jingu, Shinto’s holiest site, and the ancient pilgrim routes of Kodo Kumano, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The area is peppered with natural hot springs, whose mineral-rich waters feed Amanemu’s spa and the basalt onsen baths in every Suite. Paying homage to the nature-influenced design of traditional ryokans, Suites are clad in pale shades of Japanese timber, with woven textile shutters opening fully to the beautiful countryside.


A variety of microclimates in this part of Japan has created an extraordinary abundance of year-round produce, and Amanemu fully embraces this gastronomic heritage by using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. In addition to The Restaurant’s sophisticated Japanese and western dishes, retreat guests can take advantage of a specially prepared wellness menu of healthy meals.


A trip to Ise-Jingu, the vast collective of Shinto shrines only recently made accessible to foreign eyes, is a must. Alternatively, discover the culture of the amas, the female free divers who collect prized shellfish from the seabed along the coast; Amanemu can arrange a convivial lunch in the women’s amagoya hut for an authentic insight into this unique industry.

The nearest airport is at Nagoya, around two hours away by car. There is also a heliport near the property.


Day 1

After you have arrived and settled in at Amanemu, enjoy a 90-minute seasonal spa treatment, as well as an excursion to Ise Jingu shrine, one of Japan’s holiest Shinto sites.

Day 2

Your day begins with a morning yoga session with Yoshimi, followed by a healthy breakfast and a personalised schedule of treatments with the specialists, including watsu with Toru, holistic healing and emotional wellness with Buathon, and shiatsu massage with Yutaka. At the day’s end, join Buathon as he leads a relaxing evening meditation session.

Day 3

Morning yoga sets your day up for personalised sessions with the specialists. In between appointments, you will have access to the onsen bathing facilities and sauna at the Aman Spa. Healthy meals are provided throughout the day, which closes with evening meditation.

Day 4

Beginning the day with yoga and a healthy breakfast, you will continue your personal schedule of specialist treatments throughout the day, interspersed with healthy meals and use of the onsen and sauna facilities. Evening meditation paves the way for a restful night’s sleep.

Day 5

After morning yoga and a healthy breakfast, enjoy a farewell facial in the Aman Spa before departing from Amanemu.

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