World Gourmet Awards


“We offer opportunities for the industry to break new ground through creative interpretation of culinary creations that present traditional flavours with modern and international flair; through the World Gourmet Awards (WGA) and our unceasing efforts at nurturing local and regional culinary talents, as well as focus on productivity enhancement,” says Mr Peter Knipp, CEO of Peter Knipp Holdings Pte Ltd, who manages and curates the annual World Gourmet Awards and World Gourmet Summit (WGS).

In collaboration with the Singapore Tourism Board, award-recipients are given the opportunity to participate in cross-exchange programmes through the Overseas Development Program (ODP) with some of the world’s foremost dining establishments to expand on their skills and experience, pushing them towards greater excellence.

ODP candidates from 2018 have the opportunity to share their experiences at the ODP Sharing Session, which features Awards of Excellence (AOE, now rebranded as WGA) 2018 finalists and recipients Elvin Chew, WELBILT Rising Chef of the Year 2018 from 30 Bencoolen; Angus Chow, MKN Chef of the Year 2018, from Gake; Daniel Quek, LUZERNE Food & Beverage Manager of the Year 2018 from Shangri-La Singapore; Alvin Gho, BONCRU / ENOMATIC Sommelier of the Year 2018 from Wine RVLT; and Winnie Goh, CACAO BARRY Pastry Chef of the Year 2018 from Mandarin Orchard Singapore.

The team injects a new approach into the ODP Sharing Session, with a partnership with U.S. Dairy Export Council (USDEC), inviting aspiring chefs of distinctive cuisine diversities into curating innovative dishes surrounding the theme of Nanyang风. Revisiting the flavours that define Nanyang, or the Chinese diaspora in Southeast Asia, WGS looks to spice up and modernise the various traditional foods of Singapore with the diversity of USDEC’s cheeses, ranging from Hainanese classics to gastronomic delights of Peranakan or Straits Chinese origins. All dishes will be presented on the various Luzerne’s Tin Tin collection.

Drawing on over 70 years of tradition and knowledge, Luzerne designs and creates bespoke fine china for many of the world’s highly regarded brands in the food, hospitality, retail, and airline industries. Their wares are proudly made in Dehua, China—the birthplace of world- renowned Blanc de Chine—named World Ceramics Capital by the World Crafts Council.

The chefs for the cheese demo session are as follows:

  1. Angus Chow, Gake
  2. Elson Cheong, T ower Club
  3. Jie Shen Ang, Mezza9 at Grand Hyatt Singapore
  4. Edward Chong, Peach Blossoms at Marina Mandarin Singapore

The media conference will be hosted at Food Exchange, in Novotel Singapore on Stevens. Apart from being our venue host for this event, Novotel Singapore on Stevens’ will also be presenting three canapes using USDEC cheeses. The 254-room Novotel Singapore on Stevens is located along the arterial road that leads to Singapore’s iconic Orchard Road. It features a stunning new lifestyle hub along with an eclectic array of F&B outlets. Food Exchange, the official hosting establishment for this event, is a stylish contemporary space with a lush leafy backdrop, or al-fresco by the infinity pool, providing a cheerful spot for breakfast, brunch, and dinner.

“Widely regarded as the food capital of Asia, Singapore’s diverse culinary scene takes inspiration from the country’s unique ethnic tapestry and cosmopolitan influences. The ever- evolving and dynamic culinary culture in Singapore offers a unique platform for both rising culinary stars and established chefs to continuously develop their talent,” adds Mr Knipp.

Kicking off the annual food and wine festival is the 19th edition of the World Gourmet Awards (formerly the Awards of Excellence), widely regarded as one of the most respected accolades in Singapore and around the region. The first voting phase was officially opened on 23 October 2018 in its quest to honour more than 30 established and emerging Food and Beverage (F&B) and Hospitality stars. The second and third phases will take place in January 2019 and March 2019 respectively, finalists are then determined, and the results submitted to an independent auditor. The individual with the highest points will successfully become our awards’ recipients. The prestigious awards ceremony will be held on 22 April 2019.

The World Gourmet Awards continually recognises hardworking F&B and hospitality professionals, as well as establishments, in Singapore and around the region; all who have played a pivotal role in promoting exemplary service, innovations, and the evolution of the F&B and hospitality scene in Asia. With a marked increase in new restaurants and bars across the island in recent years, World Gourmet Awards 2019 looks to discover and celebrate new outstanding talents from the industry.

The discovery of the best in the culinary world continues with the highly anticipated World Gourmet Summit (WGS) 2019, with a diverse curation of epicurean experiences awaiting discerning gastronomes in Singapore. Looking to make the 23rd edition yet another stunning showcase of gastronomic excellence, WGS 2019 will accentuate on the movement towards food-waste management, and plastic-free environment via the expansive theme of Sustainability in the gastronomy world; and will feature a stellar line up of culinary stars, from young, up-and-coming chefs, to renowned culinary maestros from across Asia, Eastern and Central Europe, as well as North and South America, each presenting the best of the world’s exciting cuisines. Diners are also in for even more unique and exciting dining experiences as local and international gourmet partners showcase their fresh and premium products during masterclasses and a host of curated dinners.

About World Gourmet Awards (
Inaugurated in 2001, the World Gourmet Summit’s World Gourmet Awards (formerly the Awards of Excellence) is an accolade to acknowledge the efforts of key players in the hospitality industry who deliver the best dining experiences and products to their guests.

Supported by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), the awards aims to motivate talents in the culinary industry to excel in their profession and promote the appreciation of fine dining in Singapore, as well as in the region.

About the World Gourmet Summit (
World Gourmet Summit (WGS), Asia’s premier haute cuisine festival to celebrate fine cuisines, excellent wines and wonderful dining experiences presents a unique opportunity to relish gourmet dishes sporting a multitude of culinary influences. At the 23rd outing of this month-long food festival, expect another line-up of international masterchefs, along with our brightest culinary talents, serving you up dinners, brunches, masterclasses and more in an event not to be missed.


About Peter Knipp Holdings Pte Ltd

Peter Knipp Holdings Pte Ltd (PKH) offers a multi-faceted range of services for the hospitality industry. It includes an events management arm which provides events planning, conceptualisation and execution services including the World Gourmet Awards (, and the World Gourmet Summit (

It also encompasses a publishing arm that produces the bi-monthly Cuisine & Wine Asia magazine, a weekly e-newsletter since 1996 ( and provides marketing communications consultancy services. Its final arm is the Foodservice Consultants Singapore Pte Ltd, an F&B consultancy and kitchen design (


Chef Awards

  1. Asian Cuisine Chef of the Year
  2. Baker of the Y ear
  3. Chef of the Year (Female)
  4. Fabristeel Junior Chef of the Year (Female)
  5. Fabristeel Junior Chef of the Year (Male)
  6. Halton Group Executive Chef of the Year
  7. MKN Chef of the Year (Male)
  8. Pastry Chef of the Year
  9. U.S. Dairy Export Council Innovative Chef
  10. Welbilt Rising Chef of the Year (Female)
  11. Welbilt Rising Chef of the Year (Male)

Hospitality Awards

1.Marrone Hospitality Institution of the Year
2.U.S. Dairy Export Council Gourmet Distributor of the Year 3.U.S. Dairy Export Council Gourmet Retailer of the Year 4.Winterhalter Caterer of the Year
5.Wine Distributor of the Year

Service Professionals & Establishment Awards

1.Chope Asian Cuisine Restaurant of the Year 2.Hobart New Restaurant of the Year
3.Huber’s Butchery Restaurant of the Year 4.Luzerne Food & Beverage Manager of the Year 5.Luzerne Restaurant Design of the Year

6.MICE & Banquet Manager of the Year 7.Meiko Restaurant Manager of the Year 8.Teaspec Restaurateur of the Year 9.Bar Manager of the Year

10. Bar of the Year

Wine & Bar Awards

1.Culina New World Wine List of the Year 2.Culina Old World Wine List of the Year 3.Rising Sommelier of the Year 4.Sommelier of the Year

Highest Honors

1.Hospitality Star 2.Lifetime Achievement

Note: This list of awards is subjected to change