Wine Tasting For Professionals & Wine Enthusiasts

1.    “How to Taste Wine like Professional” class.  It is really good foundation for wine enthusiast i.e. getting to know international grape varieties (6 – 8 tastings), how to appreciate wine, how to handle the tasting, wine terms etc.  At the end of the class you will look very professional and know how to score wine.

2.    “Read the Label” which you will know more about wines around the world and its varietals.  Rules and regulations of each appellation.  And it is a good bargain for people in the trade and consumers to select wines.  Most of all you will have a chance to taste wine each region.  There will be 8 – 10 tastings.

3.    “Old World style VS. New World style”  as the vines travel the globe you will explore each grape varietal around the world, get to know the character each origin, for example tasting Cabernet Sauvignon from Bordeaux VS. California, Chardonnay from Burgundy VS. Australia etc.

4.    “Wine and Food Pairing” class, Champagne & Sparkling tasting class. This class is fun as we have many examples for pairing, at least 6 dishes, 6 wines.  You will get direct experience.  It benefits those who love to host party.  And it is the basic of how to order wine for the meal at dinner table.

The class can start with 10 people up – for 3 hours per session.  These 4 classes are basic for people in the trade and wine enthusiasts.

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