Thonglor: The Beverly Hills of Thailand

Thonglor’s flair can be acclaimed as the Beverly Hills of Thailand. An upscale neighborhood with top tier restaurants, lifestyle venues, boutique malls and night-life vibrancy. It’s also becoming the most desired location for both investment and living, where land price surges each year and luxury condominiums are the new standard. Article by

By Marciano Birjmohun 

On an average Sunday you can spot Lamborghini’s and Porches lining in front of the Starbucks, fashionista’s with their entourage at the wine bar and the usual white collar guy walking their Pomeranian. Since 2015 Thonglor has been the place for culinary lovers and bar hoppers. If you either like truffle or omakase, Thonglor will satisfy your taste buds. In particular the bar scene has made it’s way up – Speak easy bars and cosmopolitan cocktail lounges offer a new dimension to the neighborhood, attracting quality crowd.

In recent years not less than a dozen new luxury residential projects have been launched – transforming Thonglor into an investment hot spot. Previously Premium developments have always been associated with location – and in Bangkok close proximity to MRT/BTS is already being considered as “Premium”, however looking at the recent Thonglor projects this proximity does not matter anymore. The majority of the luxury developments are at least 1 – 1.5km away from the main sukhumvit road, with new price points setting the benckmark.

Article by www.luxurysocietyasia.comWhat makes Beverly hills?(Thonglor); A place for the fortunate to live in comfort, and shop and dine at their leisure. The reputation of Thonglor is growing and its going in the right direction.

There are significant real estate trends dominating Thonglor, the influence of Japanese architecture is one – but also branded residences are of interest.

Top 5 luxury projects that will transform Thonglor into a new era of Luxury

  1. The Bangkok by Land & Houses

The Bangkok will be an eye-catching project due to its supreme location. The Bangkok Thonglor translates the luxury of Thonglor into the project’s architectural design. This unique structure will stand out as an all glass sculpture. High-end materials such as copper and marble are used in the interior design to add more elegance and charm.

  1. Khun Yoo by Sansiri

From bustling Hong Kong and exotic Boracay Island to Rio de Janeiro, YOO design surprises and delight even the most jaded investors with contemporary, imaginative and sophisticated designs. Article by www.luxurysocietyasia.comFor those who didn’t notice the YOO mega marketing campaign in Bangkok, probably noticed the unusual copper showroom on Thonglor 10.

A collaboration from a world-class designer Philippe Starck, who set a luxury tone through core materials of coppers and full-height glass on the façade. The project also comes with cutting-edge innovations such as electric car charging station and mechanical parking system, as well as finest quality furniture and top-branded fittings in the residential units.

Khun by Yoo is a product for deep-pocket consumers who aspire luxury residence with one of a kind designs. The project would suit for those who love Thonglor’s bustling character. The only downside here could be the remote distance from BTS Thonglor but the motorcycle taxi service nearby would solve the issue with low cost.

  1. TELA by Gaysorn Property

Gaysorn Property, a diversified upmarket real-estate company of Gaysorn Group, is the developer of “Tela Thonglor,” a super-luxury high rise condominium situated in Thonglor 13. The project aims to deliver the highest standard of living experience, while catering the utmost privacy for each resident.

Tela Thonglor is one of a rare few residences in this most desired area of the city. The project aims to deliver the highest living experience for high-end consumers, where the utmost privacy can be found in each 4 unit of the entire floor, and the private elevator that is given as a sophisticated feature.

  1. LAVIQ by real asset

One of the newest condominiums amid this neighborhood is LAVIQ Sukhumvit 57, a high rise condominium that situates 3-minute walk from BTS Thong Lor. LAVIQ average starting price is attractive compared to the same-segment competitors in this area. With LAVIQ you can expect a full spectrum of modern elegance. Whether through facilities, finest materials selected, or the top-class designs such as Fendi Casa furniture and handcrafted decorations, the impressive living experiences are guaranteed.

  1. The Reserve Thonglor 2 by Pruksa Holding PCL

At last the The Reserve Thonglor 2, stating it as the first project in the premium segment of Pruksa with attractive packages to target young successful entrepreneurs and affluent professionals who prefer the social life and lifestyle in Thonglor. When compared with nearby rivals, The Reserve Thonglor 2 will also be a head turner, as it is dedicated to designing and developing fine products with premium materials.

Under the concept ‘Reserve Your Nature,’ the project is designed to bring nature into every single detail of the project, including a water channel with the flow of water from inside to outside the building, designed by a world renowned landscape architecture company.

About Marciano Birjmohun 

Marciano is Associate Director at Knight Frank Thailand (chartered) Co.,ltd – Residential Prime Sales, project market High-end branded residences on a global scale. A regular guest speaker at industry related events in the region. Marciano moderated the retail panel discussion at the first Property Report Congress Thailand 2016 and is member of the central panel of judges of the Thailand Property Awards.