The Ultimate JOY Experience: A Privilege Programme to Delight BMW Car Owners

When it comes to cars, there is never any doubt about the power and luxury of BMW cars. But what BMW now offers owners, beyond car ownership, is a range of exclusive “Ultimate JOY Experience” programmes created to illustrate “joy and passion”, the core essence of BMW.

Sethipong Anutarasoti, the General Manager of Marketing for BMW Thailand, says if we look at BMW’s brand, we should view it as being more than just a vehicle that owners derive pleasure from driving. Driving a BMW is about giving owners joyful, passionate experiences. That is why the “Ultimate JOY Experience” offers programmes that will fulfill many peoples’ dreams and wishes. These programmes, created by BMW, aim at building friendships through shared priceless experiences.

This special programme is open to all BMW owners. The only qualification is to be a genuine BMW owner. Members can be someone who have made a first-hand purchase from a certified dealer or a second-hand car purchase from a friend. Every BMW owner has equal opportunity to participate in the Ultimate JOY Experience. There are no requirements to purchase raffle tickets, or even a new car to be eligible for membership. Everyone can easily apply for this free membership the same way as applying for an email address.

The “Ultimate JOY Experience” is not just a short promotional campaign, but activities and network of alliances created through BMW’s business associates such as Thai Airways International, Bridgestone, and GoPro, together with BMW car owners. It is not merely a customer service relationship but geared towards forming lasting friendships.

That is why all programme activities are specially devised for members such as:

The BMW Alpine xDrive is a 5-day 4-night journey drive through snowy icy alpine mountains in Switzerland. It is a trip that not only trains car owners to improve their driving skills, but it is a truly exciting experience to learn how to drift along snowy roads.

The BMW Berlin Marathon is one of the world’s six leading marathons. Registration for this annual event is usually by lottery tickets but BMW has a special quota that allows seasoned marathon runners to experience the privilege of participating in this event.

The BMW Golf Cup International is the world’s largest amateur golf competition with participants from more than 50 countries around the world. Thailand has hosted 20 tournaments to select three national representatives to send to the World Final. These events have a truly extraordinary atmosphere on par with professional golf tournaments. This past year, the Thai team won its first ever championship. There is also a BMW Golf Cup Special Edition for avid golfers similar to the World Final. This year, the final competition will be held at The Emirates Golf Club in Dubai.

There are also many special programmes held in Thailand. Among them is the “BMW Driving Experience, which helps car owners develop driving skills thru different methods of controlling the steering wheel, braking, and communicating with the car. Practicing these abilities is no different from developing athletic skills or playing golf on weekends. These classes not only help hone life skills but they are also a creative activity to enjoy with friends.

In addition to these special programmes, BMW also has ongoing services for members, namely Everyday Privileges, which provides advice on dining venues, travel, shopping, and entertainment to fulfil every facet of the different lifestyles enjoyed by BMW owners.