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Preferred treatment at golf courses, spas, hotels, clubs, and medical facilities throughout Thailand await our Members. The benefits and privileges last for a lifetime, for as a friend of the country, we want you to enjoy your time here to the fullest extent. We look forward to presenting you with our Thai heritage and hospitality famous the world.

Thailand Elite originates from a singular goal to present the finest that the country has to offer into one unique package for our honored guests.

Whereas, the Cabinet passed a resolution on 29 July 2003, approving the Thailand Privilege Card Project as proposed by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, whereby the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) was to implement the project in the form of limited company. “Thailand Privilege Card Company Limited” registered its incorporation under the Civil and Commercial Code on 29 August 2003, having the TAT as its sole shareholder and the registered capital of THB 1,000 million and having the status of state enterprise under the Budget Procedures Act B.E. 2502 (1959).  Its objectives are to generate revenues from foreign visitors; and draw high-end visitors, businessmen, investors and the long stay groups, by offering rights and services to members. Such services are from both public and private sectors, e.g. Visa Privilege, Special Entry Visa, and Privilege Entry Visa

As part of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, this exclusive club has access to privileges that money alone cannot buy. Thailand Elite is the world’s first country membership programme with benefit for immigration, leisure, business, and much more.

Mission & Vision

Simply Extraordinary Country Membership Crafted for Friends of Thailand


Our mission involves a wide range of progressive, positive and reinforcing goals to keep our THAILAND ELITE team motivated and focused on comprehensive, but exclusive, service to our Members, including:  Product Development – working with our sponsors and vendors in developing new and useful products, implementing fresh and innovative services, and expanding the beneficial business opportunities and networking platforms in order to continue creating extraordinary value for our Members; Value-Added – injecting extra value into our products, services and business opportunities/introductions that surpass the expectations of our Members and sponsors;  Competitiveness – engendering a vigorous and beneficial environment within the Company to encourage competition so that every employee reaches his and her full capabilities; Skill – enhancing the potential of every staff member according to Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd. operating policies, and improving skill-levels through inventive and meticulous training;  Corporate Social Responsibility – prioritizing and supporting corporate social responsibility within the workplace.

Core Values

Our core values encompass an emphasis on:  Talent, whereby we recruit and select members for our organization to foster efficiency as well as individual growth and development; reduce the loss of skilled and experienced staff by creating an energized and motivated atmosphere and sustainable competition; Proficiency, wherein we increase staff efficiency and effectiveness by instilling positive habits within our teams, and improve skillfulness and capability in every aspect, and merging innovation and creativity into the working system of Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd.; Customer-Centric, where we ask all of our employees to strive to enhance and enrich the Members’ experience, and to endeavor to gain the knowledge to understand and serve each Member; and, Service-Minded-focus to improve the benefits and overall experience of each Member and create values that extend beyond the Members’ expectations.