Strategies For Shipping Luxury Goods

When it comes to running a business, a luxury one is much different from a non-luxury one. Interestingly, the luxury market is growing and growing.

Therefore, you’ll need to work on your shipping to ensure you can keep up with customer demand. Below, we’ve outlined how to do this without losing that luxury edge.

The right firm

When you’re dealing with luxury goods, you know that your customers expect the very best throughout their purchase journey. After all, they’re spending a lot of money with you, and with high prices, come high standards. Therefore you need to ensure that when you work with a courier, you work with one who’s standards are to those of your customers and also share the same ethos with you, such as companies like Parcel2Go who deal with international shipments regularly.

Create the best logistics plan

When it comes to the luxury market, the customer tends to have a different mindset to that of a regular brand working in a different sector. Because of this, flexibility is key, due to the type of product being purchased often being different every time. After all, if it’s clothing, the way they’re made and need to be transported will always be different, in the same way, that expensive jewellery and homeware will be. That’s why you need to ensure you can mix and match how you get your items to people, whether that be special delivery or signed for, as everyone will expect something different.

Reduce fees

Because luxury is expensive, there can often be large price tags on items, especially if they are being imported. That’s why it’s important to look around and see if there’s any form of weekly entry fee program for shipments in the foreign trade zones you operate in. If there is, you’ll be able to take advantage of this and get cheaper fees for imports and keep the cost down for customers as much as possible.


When it comes to luxury brands, digital is often overlooked as it’s not seen as personal, but as customer trends shift, it’s important that luxury brands get their digital world in order. If you can offer a bespoke digital experience in-line with the service your customers are used to, which can then be backed up by excellent shipping, customers are sure to continue to flock to you.

If you deal in the world of luxury goods, as you can see, working on your shipping strategy for the modern day isn’t as difficult as you may have thought.