We are delighted to present you Ms. Silvia Sailti, the Head of Marketing & Communications, Asia Pacific Region at Bentley Motors, as an Honorary International Judge of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2015 Asia.

Take the unique opportunity to learn more about Ms. Saliti’s knowledge, experience and expertise in an exclusive interview below.

Ms. Silvia, you have a vast experience of working in the auto industry and have worked for Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Bentley Motors. Why cars? Is there a motivational story that brought you to marketing automotive industry?

Definitely yes, I was 6 years old when for the first time in Rome, my uncle who was a professional commissioner in racing, made me experience speed. He drove me in a special tour of Rome by night with a rally set up super car…well since then I felt in love with cars and how they can make you feel while driving.


– What does it take to be a Regional Manager at a car company? What challenges have you encountered during your career?

First I feel lucky working in the industry I am so passionate about. Then from Product Development to Brand management I experienced HQ and field roles. And this background made me achieving this Regional Marketing role, which allows me to experience the whole set of marketing leverages. Challenges? Keeping a balance, not making events change myself, being coherent and firm in my passion and belief, while facing difficult moments or failure. This is the real challenge I have been facing every day. Till now think I won.

– You have worked in the automotive industry in various markets. How does Asia Pacific market differ from the rest of them?

The heterogeneous mix of countries, the difference in term language & culture make Asia Pacific the most complex and challenging area I have worked in from a Marketing point of view. You need really to be quick and flexible to understand customers and reactive in taking action. A huge attention to details and bespoke approach are the true minimum standard requirements here to compete.

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– How do you think the luxury car industry will evolve in the next few years? What is your professional forecast?

One of the guess luxury car market is facing every day is how to surprise a target which wider and wider expectations. To play in this arena the experiential side of Marketing will make the difference, that means bespoke approach in any leverage applied and higher level of tailor making in any aspects.

– Do you think it is important for luxury brands to use all the digital innovations and tools available within their marketing strategy?

In a scale 1 to 10, 10. The sophisticated target customers who buy luxury goods generally have no time, use and will use more and more mobile device in daily life. Digital experience and the effectiveness in making it closer and closer to reality will be a key factor of success. But one to one and physical knowledge will be always a must be in the marketing strategy.


– What key professional marketing advises would you give to the new and emerging luxury brands? What should they focus on?

3 pillars to focus on are

Intimacy while experiencing

Truly Bespoke approach

Extreme reliability in the promise delivery

-How do you think being acknowledged as the best luxury brand and receiving an Award can help a company in reaching its marketing goals? How would you advise our future winners to use and present their victory in the most effective way?

Word of mouth is a marketing tool and been acknowledged with an award in luxury is an honor but also a responsibility. The good side is a stronger exposure and higher reputation. The challenge will be then moving forward and increase the reputation.

Advise? Experience with their customers and prospects why the award will have been won. Luxury is about reward, create community aside the award, share as if in a family… so yes right word is sharing in a refined way.

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