Sakon Nakhon


Sakon Nakhon province is one of ancient city of Thailand. This city is full of sacred atmosphere and interesting civilization.

            According to Sakon Nakhon Travel guide there various place to pay a visit around this province such as Phu Phan Mountain fossil site and ancient color paint at historical site Varichaphum district. Aside from history and tradition this province has a beautiful nature surround by forests, mountains and rivers.

            Sakon Nakhon is one of the big province that divide into 18 district include Sakon Nakhon city district, Kusuman district, Gud Bak district, Ban Muang district, Song Dow district, Varichaphum district, Sawang Dandin district, Vanorn Nivas district, Argas Amnuai district, Panna Nikom district, Pang Kon district, Kam Ta kla district, Nikom Num Uun district, Tao Ngoi district, Kok Sri Suphan district, Charearnsilp district, Pon Na Keaw district and Phu Phan district.

            There are some interesting attraction that tourist might want to pay a visit.

            Wat Phra That Cherng Chum. This temple is the city’s temple of Sakon Nakhon local people and tourist often visit to pay a respect.

            Ancient village at Tha Rare. This village is back to date around 100 years ago its architecture was built in half French half Vietnam style.

            Phu Phan National Park. This national park has many interesting place to detour at once for example Phuphan royal palace that use as an accommodation for royal family in case they pay a visit at north-east side of the country, Kam Hom Waterfall, Gang Kra Arm Waterfall, Nang Mern Clift and Forest’s flower plain.

            Nong Han or Nong Han Lake. This place is the largest water source of north-east and the number 2 largest lake aside from number 1 known as Bung Boraphet.

            Salt mine village. This the largest production line of salt from mining in all around north-east.

            Lotus Park Chalerm Phra Kiat. There are large basin with a lot of lotus in front of this park and the long red bridge across the basin for visitor to make a detour and take a look at lotus around this place.

            Wat Tum Pha Den. There are a beautiful architecture build and carve from sand brick also this temple is a good view point to take a look of Sakon Nakhon’s city.

            Sakon Nakhon has a famous festival known as Wax Palace Parade. This festival will celebrate day before the end of Buddhist Lent Day. The parade will come with palace that made of bee’s wax to offering this palace to Phra That Cherng Chum.

            Sakon Nakhon has a wealth of tourism resources and a lot of interesting activities, including a cultural center, boat around the city reservoir or dam, and the road trip to visit Phu Phan Palace.

            Food in Sakon Nakhon offers a wide choice from normal dish to local dish that you can find these food stall all around the market or at the city’s center.

            Aside from food there a lot of local merchandise to by as a savoir the recommended stuff would be Local handmade ware and Agricultural products.

            There are a lot of hotel and resort in Sakon Nakhon province to provide accommodation for tourist. However if tourist want a bit more nature close there are a lot of camp site with a tent rent service in national park HQ.

            The Bangkok-Sakon Nakhon Express Bus is one of the way to travel to Sakon Nakhon but this bus transport is a long road trip that will take about 10 Hr. to reach Sakon Nakhon so proceed with caution. For more information, please contact Transport Company Limited Tel. 1490 or or you can book the ticket online at and also you can buy ticket online at  

            There are a way to travel to Sakon Nakhon faster than bus it a plane. Nok Air and AirAsia airlines flying from Bangkok to Sakon Nakhon daily. It takes about 1 hour and 5 minutes.