Penfolds Unveils First Barrel Release

Today Penfolds unveiled the Magill Cellar 3 barrel program to a global audience at Vinexpo, Hong Kong. For the first time in the winery’s 172 year history an opportunity to unlock unprecedented access into Penfolds inner workings and winemaking craft is offered via the purchase of rare barrels housed in Cellar 3, Magill, South Australia.
The wine contained within this barrel release is unavailable from any other bottle or source in the world. Annually, each vintage release will reflect the most optimum style and highest quality blend of Shiraz and/or Cabernet, as selected personally by Chief Winemaker Peter Gago. With an expected limited and variable small number of barrels available each release this ongoing program preserves the uniqueness of finite and tiny blends.
The Magill Cellar 3 program also unlocks unmatched access to an otherwise concealed world of Penfolds, where owners are afforded unprecedented access
to behind-the-scenes winemaking and tastings.  Revealing the journey of a rare Penfolds wine, the Magill Cellar 3 program offers intimate and exclusive experiences at key milestones of the wine’s journey at Magill Estate, Penfolds spiritual home. A personalised choice of bottle size is available together with a dedicated Global Concierge Service to enrich the interaction.

“This exquisite barrel release goes beyond the wine, offering unprecedented access to the inner workings of our winemaking craft and culture at Penfolds – unmatched, unparalleled – a first!” said Peter Gago on the unveiling of the new barrel program.

Provenance assured, the handmade barrels made exclusively for this release will reside within the oldest and most intimate cellar at Magill Estate, Cellar 3. The nineteenth century cellar dates back to the founding days of the winery, established in 1844. A special cellar reawakening and one that has sensitively conveyed Penfolds very first barrel program. Nurtured under the guardianship of Peter Gago and the senior Penfolds Winemaking Team, the barrels convey an altogether different journey that remains intrinsically Penfolds.

The inaugural 2015 Magill Cellar 3 barrel release was offered to private collectors and is now committed.  Penfolds is taking expressions of interest for the 2016 Magill Cellar 3 Program which will be available for sale from the 1st of July.  The Magill Cellar 3 Program sale price is $198,000 AUD.