Mobile Master Brand in the Travel Industry by Google

Traveloka is positioned as a Mobile Master Brand, or Top Mobile Site, in travel in Asia by Google and Accenture Interactive, a leading digital agency network.

The Master of Mobile in 2018 report, conducted by Google and Accenture Interactive, was based on an evaluation of 140 mobile sites in different categories including financial services, retail and commerce and travel in Southeast Asia together with a consumer survey which indicated that 59% of consumers in the region conduct pre-purchase research on their smartphones. In addition, 53% of consumers will leave a mobile site that takes longer than three seconds to load while 76% of consumers in Southeast Asia are more likely to purchase from mobile sites that make it easier to make purchases or get answers to any questions. Google’s evaluation relies on these five mobile experience scores to define the top mobile sites that are assessed by UX Specialists (User Experience Specialists) including Findability, Product Pages, Registration and Conversion, Mobile Design, and Speed.

The outcome of the evaluation indicates that Traveloka is positioned as a Mobile Master Brand, or one of the top mobile travel sites in Southeast Asia with an overall score of 82% with an industry average of 69%. In addition, one of Traveloka’s strengths is its Findability, as it helps users quickly find the product they’re looking by showing the names of countries and cities based on an advanced user database, and Mobile Design in which icons and buttons are clearly separated based on the different service categories. Furthermore, Traveloka ranks as one of the top three sites in the travel industry with an overall score of 83% according to the standard evaluation score by each country.

Tee Chayakul, Country Manager at Traveloka Thailand, said, “Traveloka focuses on real-time development of our app and mobile site to meet the needs of our users. This is in response to our database which shows that 51.2 percent of our customers are using Traveloka via their smartphones. In 2019, given that we anticipate this number to continue to increase, we will focus on new functions and developments that match well with smartphone users including continued development of the interface and an auto-complete search function with the use of Big Data for language processing, relevance scores, and geolocation, all of which will contribute to an easy-to-use and more efficient search tool.”

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About Traveloka

Traveloka is the leading online travel company in Southeast Asia that provides a wide range of travel and lifestyle services in one platform. Today, Traveloka provides bookings for flights, hotels, trains, flight and hotel packages, activities and recreations, connectivity, airport transportations, and culinary directory. Traveloka has established partnerships with more than 100 low-cost and full-service airlines for domestic and international flights, providing more than 200.000 flight destinations across Asia Pacific and Europe. The company owns the largest accommodation inventory in Southeast Asia, varied between hotels, apartments, guest houses, homestays, resorts, and villas. Traveloka offers more than 40 options of local payment method dedicated to users in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines, as well as 24/7 customer service in native languages. The Traveloka app has hit more than 40 million downloads, making it the most popular travel booking application in Southeast Asia. For more information, visit