Bangkok’s Best Omakase – Sushi Zo, Bangkok

‘Omakase’ literally means “leave it to the chef”. Without the confinement of a food menu, patrons tend to get excited by the meal’s unpredictability – providing their full trust to the chef to select the entire meal based on the freshest seasonal fish available. The chefs prove themselves to be trustworthy through their detailed process: a perfect balance of rice creation that includes cooking, seasoning and temperature controlling, not to mention their extraordinary skills and techniques of making a flawless not-too-tight and not-too-loose Shari; slicing the fish; and then a simplistic dish decoration. Sushi Zo’s Omakase chefs also carefully arrange the menu’s order so that the guest experiences the ultimate delicacy of every dish.

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Founded by Osaka-born and Tokyo-trained Chef Keizo Seki in 2006, the first Sushi Zo was finally launched in West Los Angeles – fulfilling Chef Keizo’s dream of owning an Edo-styled sushi bar. Experienced and well-trained from his time in Los Angeles’ food industry, Chef Keizo is the perfect “sushi architect” for Omakase sushi’s complicated and detailed process.

All the way from Los Angeles, the renowned sushi capital of the United States, Sushi Zo makes its first entry into the food-loving metropolis of Bangkok, Thailand. Awarded a Michelin Star in Los Angeles (2009) and a second Michelin Star in New York (2016), the exclusive Omakase bar, centrally located at Athenee Plaza Tower on Wireless Road, is best known for its Ittai-kan style: the balance between the Neta (the seafood) and Shari (sushi rice). Sushi Zo does not provide the usual soy sauce at the bar but instead uniquely prepares each fish in its own creative seasoning that delivers a sensational impact of balance and flavor.

The public reaction to all 4 locations has been so well received by patrons that it has gotten to a point beyond word of mouth – Sushi Zo is practically a buzzword and is known to be “the best of the best” among foodies and trendsetters. Following its successes in USA, the opening of Thailand’s first-ever Sushi Zo Bangkok seems to be impeccable timing.

Chef Keizo has entrusted his Los Angeles executive chef, Toshi Onishi, to head Sushi Zo in Bangkok with his earlier success at Sushi Zo Downtown. Mastering the balance of eastern Japanese finesse and West Los Angeles’ creativity, Chef Toshi is confident the innovative taste will impress Thai foodies.

Staying true to Japanese tradition, Hokkaido-born Chef Toshi is driven by detailed perfection – insisting that his rice must be made with specific Hokkaido deep well water and seasoned with specific proportions of red and white Japanese vinegar in order to deliver full textured and balanced flavored rice which is served close to body temperature. Chef Toshi’s skilled craftsmanship and experience allows him to keenly evaluate each material’s freshness for an uncompromised result. Rare fish types selected by Chef Toshi include Yagara (Cornetfish), Hagatsuo (Skip Jack), and Ankimo (Monkfish liver) which are sought from all over the world and are now served seasonally at Sushi Zo, Bangkok.

Sushi Zo Bangkok serves 18++ courses of Omakase sushi which start at 7000++ Baht– delivering a surreal sushi experience amidst a traditional, minimalist Japanese sushi bar. The restaurant is intimate, with only 12 seatings per day (open Tuesday through Sunday from 5:00pm to 9:30pm).

Location: Sushi Zo (Thailand) at Athenee Tower, 63 Wireless Road, Lumpini, Pathum Wan, Bangkok

Reservation is needed at Tel: 02 168 8490 or online at

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