Best Luxury Concierge Services: The Future for High-End Hospitality 2022?

Luxury Travel is currently carving out its own distinct high-end niche in the tech sector. There are luxury services that help customers arrive at their resort on a private jet, or help to plan opulent vacations defined by elite one-of-a-kind experiences, from luxury yachts to beach villas tucked into total seclusion.

Imagine sending an elaborate request to your personal concierge via a Whatsapp message, and having the red carpet rolled out instantly? 

Luxury concierge servicesextend indulgence by aiding their customers with maintaining jet-setting, Instagram-ready lifestyles – referred to extravagantly as “lifestyle management.”

Right now the sector is converging with technology, leveraging connectivity and combining it with their innate lavish attention to detail, in order to connect their customers with their extensive networks around the world.

These is the kind of highly personalised services that a luxury concierge offers. While there are a number of apps vying for the attention of high-end travellers, luxury concierge services are in a different class altogether, often requiring a five-figure annual sum for membership alone.

At this elite level, the focus is on highly personalised communication, and even custom-built apps, as opposed to mass-market solutions.

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