DR. Thitiporn Sanguanpiyapan, Executive Director – Luxellence Center

Dr. Thitiporn Sanguanpiyapan is a luxury brand entrepreneur, educationalist, researcher and consultant in the luxury and creative industries. Not only does she helps operate her family business, a Bangkok-based luxury jewelry brand, “SETTE”, she as well currently serves as Executive Director for the Luxellence Center and occupies the position of Chairperson of Luxury Brand Communication at Panyapiwat Institute of Management (PIM), an educational subsidiary of CP All Plc. (Thailand).

Though born in Bangkok, Dr. Sanguanpiyapan spent almost half of her life in the United States. With international experiences, she obtained her BBA Degree in Marketing, Management and International Business, and MS and PhD Degree in Consumer Behavior from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA. With the aim to inspire and foster the Thai creative and innovative academic field, Dr. Sanguanpiyapan developed a new curriculum, an initiation of the first MBA program in Creative Economy and Business Development at Bangkok University, Thailand. Today, her motivation continues and a newly developed program, Thailand’s first MBA in Luxury Brand Management, in co- operation with IFA Paris, was launched and followed by the MBA in Fashion Business.

Dr. Sanguanpiyapan worked as a Consumer Insight Manager at Index Creative Village, a conglomerate of creative communication selective in Thailand, as well as a consultant for OKMD Creative Economy Thailand’s 2011 television program called, “Kratook Tom Kit”. A strong background of academic and professional experiences, and a experienced in creative and luxury industries have made Dr. Sanguanpiyapan a charismatic person, a blend of both practical and academic knowledge have given her a title of, a true “pracademic”.

Alongside her thriving business and management career, Dr. Sanguanpiyapan sought time to teach and perform ballroom dance. Dr. Sanguanpiyapan says, “Her passion for ballroom dancing has given her a way to balance life, and socially to help others find theirs. While she attends to her needs for relaxation, the doctorate gives others the opportunity to do the same.

Luxellence Center is Thailand first and most exclusive center that aims to provide knowledge and expert consulting services to both local and international luxury brands, while encouraging knowledge-sharing and networking.

The initiative of the center is spearheaded by a team of expertise in the luxury industry, equipped with the support of professional in-house researchers to provide extensive and concrete data relevant to the growth of the luxury market.

Luxellence Center offers a variety of products and services to facilitate luxury brands and new businesses in entering and competing in this dynamic and fast-moving industry. The center, in joint collaboration with renowned educational institutes, has co-developed a range of programs and activities to serve our partners. Such programs and activities include professional management programs and educational programs, both short courses and degree programs. The center also offers bespoke research-based training solutions tailored to the needs of each individual professional or business.

The ultimate goal of the center is to be a forefront luxury knowledge hub that provides excellence strategic consultation to luxury companies across the luxury sectors, including fashion & accessories, jewelry & watches, health & beauty, hospitality, automobile, aviation and others within Thailand.

Luxellence Centre: Thailand’s First Luxury Knowledge Hub and Consultancy that aims to serve the Thai luxury sectors through the provision of knowledges, consultation services, inspirations, and networks for professionals in the luxury industry. Luxellence center’s main services comprise of luxury education, luxury research and luxury consultation. Luxellence is a member of C.P.Group and Luxury Society Asia.