Thailand Marine Tourism

The Krabi Provincial Authority has set a comprehensive model to improve safety of all its marine tourism activities across the board. The model includes a major revamp and upgrade of the entire chain of command involved in the safety and security oversight for visitors and local personnel.

The model is a concrete implementation of a decision and resolution passed after a meeting of the Krabi provincial government agencies, local administrative organisations and tour operators earlier this year. It is also in line with the policy announced by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports to enhance safety and security standards nationwide.

The measures include setting up Tourist Assistance Centres, upgrading equipment and communications facilities, strict enforcement of relevant licensing, registration and safety regulations, closer monitoring of personnel to curb consumption of alcohol and intoxicants, organising training courses and regular inspections of all marine craft to ensure proper maintenance and seaworthiness.

All passengers boarding public marine tourism vessels will require to be clearly listed on a manifest. They will also be required to watch safety announcements in English, Chinese or other languages, similar to the pre-flight safety announcements on aircraft. Passengers with any kind of physical disability or health problem that may potentially impact their safety in the event of an emergency will be cautioned in advance about the risk.

The captain and crew will receive regular weather updates. All vessels will be required to have insurance cover. Safety signage and other documentation alerting the passengers on the importance of ensuring environmental preservation will also be published in Thai, English, and Chinese languages for tourists.

These measures are being implemented across the Andaman coast in cooperation with local tour operators and the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (formerly known as the Software Industry Promotion Agency) under the Ministry of Digital Society and Economy.