Chiva Som International Health Resort, Hua Hin – Thailand’s Best Health Wellness Spa

Hailed as the world’s leading health retreat, Chiva Som is as luxurious as shedding toxins can be. Since opening in 1995, the resort has welcomed Hollywood celebrities and business moguls to its resort on the Gulf of Thailand, taking pride in putting them back on the path to rejuvenation.

Chiva Som’s naturopaths and holistic practitioners are the best in their industry, creating detox programs tailor-made to individual guest needs. It’s a hefty task, considering there are over 200 treatments offered, and packages range from the strictest of system flushes to a non-threatening introductory option.

Hua Hin was a quiet fishing village before the Thai royal family built summer palaces here in the 1920s, and it became a fashionable escape for residents of Bangkok. Today, Hua Hin is still the most desirable ocean-front destination in the Southern province of Prachuap Khiri Khan..

Chiva-Som was born in 1993 when Boonchu Rojanastien demolished his beachfront holiday home in the Thai seaside town of Hua Hin to build a sanctuary that more people could enjoy. The resort  officially opened on 19th April 1995.

As a weekend retreat from the fast pace of Bangkok city, his family and friends would wake early, jog on the beach, play outdoor sports, breathe fresh air, relax and eat good food, before returning to work on Monday, fully recharged and raring to go.  One of the coolest offerings is the daily cooking classes, where guests learn healthy recipes that include fresh produce from Chiva Som’s much-lauded organic garden

His motto of “Above all, enjoy your life.” was alive and well in his unregimented approach to wellness. He balanced effort with enjoyment and encouraged his loved ones to adopt healthy, life-transforming habits. His generosity soon extended to a wider circle of like-minded individuals.

When he transformed his Hua Hin home into the resort we have today, Boonchu was building on this inspired foundation. He called it Chiva-Som because that means ‘Haven of Life’ and that is exactly what Boonchu wanted to create. He wanted to help as many people as possible return to the path of wellness.

Retreats, treatments, activities and nutrition are the four quarters of the whole Chiva-Som experience. The first three are designed and delivered by expert health practitioners. The cuisine is crafted by exceptional chefs whose speciality is bringing benefit to the table. Whether you select yourself or are guided by our Health and Wellness Advisor, your experience will be both personal and powerful.

Resident Health Practitioners come from all over the world to host and share a wide range of skills and knowledge, from Naturopathic Medicine to Chakra Healing. Each specialist comes together, united in a belief for betterment, to create a truly holistic offer for guests. Bringing a number of Visiting Consultants who bring a fresh perspective and new capabilities to guide and inspire the team.

Relax the body and mind through reducing any feelings of tension and stress. Now, Chiva-Som is known throughout the world for doing just that. One man’s life has led to countless transformed lives.

54 exquisite rooms are designed to enhance guest’s overall wellness experience. Some guests feel calmed by the truly authentic experience of staying in one of traditional Thai Pavilions. Others prefer newly renovated Ocean Side Rooms and Suites for their warm, natural decor and outside terrace space. Each Suite includes a dining area, dressing room, mini pantry and two bathrooms. Bathroom amenities, mattresses, pillows and the scent of oil burners can all be personalised. Comfort is an essential element of your Chiva-Som stay.

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