French expat women Cécilia Pitré has let her free spirit guide her on a life path that wouldn’t have been possible without her sense of wanderlust. An event planner and socialite in Phuket, Cécilia handles marketing and event planning for Le Versace – a hotel, French restaurant, and lounge bar with bold, fashion forward design reminiscent of Versace’s over the top style. Love of travel and openness to change has taken her from France to Thailand, and it doesn’t look like she’s going back.

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Cécilia was lucky enough to travel with her parents when she young, first sparking her interest in seeing the world. At age twenty-two, she left home to live in Manchester. During her time in England, she met a French man and together they decided to move to Thailand. It was a place he desired to go to in the first place, but it wound up to be Cécilia who loved the country more than he did. They planned their move in January 2005, but when the tsunami of December 2004 hit, they postponed and waited a bit before embarking on their adventure, changing their itineraries to focus on northern Thailand, instead of disaster struck southern Thailand.

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Once in Thailand and after traveling around the country, plans changed. Cécilia’s French partner didn’t like being in Thailand as much as he’d thought. He returned home and she stayed on, taking life as it came. Due to her charismatic and outgoing personality, Cécilia quickly landed her first job in Thailand as a TV presenter for the 1st English program in Pattaya – this turning point would launch her into a media and social career that has continued to this day. Later, she worked for Accor – the group that owns big hotels such as Novotel and Sofitel – and her positions included PR management and food and business development for Pullman brand

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A self-described party animal, Cécilia took her career into her own hands when in March 2013 she went into event planning as a consultant. She had been doing event planning for friends and decided to turn her passion into a source of income. Some of her biggest gigs at the start of her entrepreneurial career involved event planning in India, where she organized a white party for Fashion TV and an event for the badmington league of India plus different other Party … she loves India and planning few more surprises before the end of 2015. Her Thailand base at this time was in Pattaya, which she identifies as being the best spot in Thailand for nightlife, even more so than Bangkok. Pattaya has a dark reputation, but she asserts that she feels safe there and says Pattaya can be a lot of fun for women, too – it is not only a man’s playground.


Her next move would take her life in another direction but without leaving Thailand. Cécilia was hired in to help breathe life back into the rooftop bar of Phuket’s Le Versace. The owner of Le Versace, Georges Dufresne, and Cécilia found themselves attracted to one another once they’d met. After a successful launch party, Cécilia moved from Pattaya to be with George – and to keep Le Versace full of energy. One thing is for sure: Cécilia has found contentment and love by going with the flow and letting her life be washed over with wanderlust.