Catch the Smurfs in Hong Kong!

Smurfs fans, get ready for an unforgettable trip to Hong Kong! During three magical weeks, the Ocean Terminal Forecourt of Harbour will become an enormous “We’re All Smurfs!” Village that is sure to enchant Smurfs enthusiasts of all ages.

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Greeting visitors from all over the world will be a 4-metre high giant Smurf up in the air, together with an imposing display of eight classic comic scenes of The Smurfs in Gateway Arcade. Thirty-five of the lovable little blue elves, measuring 1-meter tall, will be seen around their 6-metre tall mushroom house in the We’re All Smurfs Village. In this giant Smurf home, visitors will be able to learn magic spells with Papa Smurf and play interactive games with Smurfette, Lazy Smurf, Clumsy Smurf and all the other adorable members of The Smurfs community.

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Drop by the Smurfs House of Stories at the Gallery by the Harbour, to pay homage to Peyo, the genius storyteller who created the Smurfs, 58 years ago. His studio will be recreated to showcase 36 of Peyo’s precious original works which are being exhibited publicly for the first time ever, while documentaries and videos will also be shown, to reveal his extraordinary life and talent. Other great features include The Smurfs Creative Model Exhibition with two renowned miniature artists; and The Smurfs Summer School where kids can learn skills including farming, drawing and even magic performance! They even get a badge and attend the graduation ceremony to become one of the Smurfs!


Avid Smurf aficionados will be delighted to sample Smurf-themed snacks and desserts before dropping by the Smurf Pop-up Store to add the Hong Kong Special Edition Smurf figures and premiums from all over the world to their personal collections. The Smurfs Asian Art Tour event, debuting in Hong Kong, will be a great way to share the ideal world in miniature of The Smurfs!