Bosch Vario Style Refrigerator to Capture New Lifestyle Concepts

Mr. Chollawit Na Songkhla, Managing Director of BSH Home Appliances Company Limited (Thailand) has reaffirmed that BSH is the world’s leading manufacturer of home appliances under the Bosch brand from Germany, also considered the largest and most successful home appliance producer in Europe guaranteed with its remarkable sales growth. Significantly, all Bosch home appliances are developed to facilitate modern living and fit new lifestyle trends. With standardized manufacturing and testing processes achieved by teams of highly professional and experienced engineers, Bosch is proud to present its Vario Style fridge freezer, considered the world’s first-ever refrigerator with simply changeable door color panels of up to 19 colorful shades, including Sunflower, Orange, Raspberry, Plum, Cherry Red, Aqua, Lime Green. That 7 Color shades as mentioned above, are now available at Bosch’s showroom. And other 12 shades, customers can pre-order as a made-to-order also.

BSH, the leading global manufacturer of home appliances from Germany under the Bosch brand, is releasing its brand-new Bosch Vario Style fridge freezer with easily changeable color door panels of up to 19 alluring colors, backed by a perfect combination of good looks and outstanding features. Aiming to meet new lifestyle concepts, the Vario Style fridge freezer has been guaranteed with two honorable awards, including Reddot Design Award 2018 and iF Design Award 2018. Also, this revolutionary refrigerator has become more ideal with its VitaFresh technology, a new cooling system developed to keep long-lasting freshness of food. The company has expected to achieve at least 20% of sales growth by the end of this year.

Judging from consumers’ changing trends and lifestyles, colors of their ideal refrigerators will be determined by personal tastes and preferences similar to selecting appropriate colors for walls and several other household items. The Vario Style fridge freezer has been evolved to perfectly meet various needs and changing lifestyles of customers nowadays, where life can be easier and more comfortable with the advancement of innovation and technology. The major highlight of this one-of-a-kind refrigerator is its door panel’s color can easily be changed by attaching a removable magnetic door seal of another color to the door panel. As the process can be done in a second, a kitchen can truly become more ideal and charming with preferred shades of color.

Obviously, two honorable awards, Reddot Design Award 2018 and iF Design Award 2018, have proven the success of the Vario Style fridge freezer, particularly for its outstanding design innovation. In addition to the VitaFresh technology developed to maintain long-lasting freshness of food, several special features can also be found in the refrigerator. The LED light system has been upgraded with greater illumination and lower power consumption. The Multi-Airflow technology is special with gentle and thorough airflow distribution, helping the cooling system to function properly from the top to the bottom. Super Freezing is developed as a key function in stimulating food to be frozen faster and can automatically be switched off to ensure no excessive power consumption. The Air Fresh Filter system is not only developed for effective elimination of odors, but it also helps maintain original tastes of food items despite being refrigerated. Meanwhile, the door panel’s opening direction can be decided by the so-called Reversible Door Hinge, allowing door hinges to be switched on either left or right side according to a user’s preference.

“Overall, the home appliance market in Thailand is growing with a positive outlook. Consumers with high purchasing power have been anticipated to be a key target of high-quality products with premium benefits. BSH has reiterated its intention to penetrate the country’s wealthy market with the introduction of two product categories, including the ActiveOxygen washing machine and the Vario Style Fridge Freezer. We are strategically promoting the Bosch brand to Thai consumers. We want the brand to become more recognized by the masses, with the expectation to achieve at least 20% of sales growth by the end of 2018. We have set our sight to become the biggest leader and importer of the home appliance market in Thailand by the next two years. More importantly, we believe in our great potential to drive sales growth as planned, supported by our dominance of innovation that leads people to a better life and happier living. Aside from an agency channel, a broad range of Bosch products are available online and at leading shopping centers nationwide,” said Mr. Na Songkhla.

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