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The Future of Automation Marketing Talk with Chaiyapong Lapliengtrakul & Wanida Tardivel

What is Automation Marketing? What does Customer Journey, CDP, CEP, CMP stand for? Which one comes first? These questions are coming up from many marketers, business directors or those who work behind businesses.

It is often time-consuming for marketers to manually create and send out a welcome email to every user who has just signed up or subscribed to receive special offers. An automated email campaign can be quick and easy to set up and it only requires to be set up once.

To work more efficient, it is probably better to integrate the workflows from data collection, data mining and data integration into one single resource which is securely accessible through cloud. Using automating features as part of your marketing campaigns enables you, as a marketer, to easily prospect customer profiles, generate and nurture qualified leads, and support customer engagement along the process through the right channels.


An automated email campaign is an email sent out automatically whenever a particular individual or subscriber meets a certain requirement, or so-called ‘trigger’, which has been set up in the system. An effective automated email campaign requires a good planning strategy and roadmap when an email should be sent out each time an event is triggered by a user. Knowing your customer’s journey and what triggers them at each stage can be very challenging, and yet this can be tested using automated email marketing campaigns.

For example, every time a user signs up on a website, an automated email is sent to them with a welcome message and 15% discount on their first order. If there is no response within 3-5 days, another automated email is sent to remind the user that an offer will be expired in 2 days with a call-to-action to claim it. This will keep a customer informed and reminded to take action.

Using a powerful cloud-based software enables brands and marketers to automate the daily tasks and workflows by offering a fully customizable integration tool to enhance the customer journey and experience with you brands. As such, attracting qualified leads to your website is only the first step in your marketing campaign. However, keeping your visitors engaged and trying to convert them into your customers take more effort and planning than you think.

Automated marketing solutions make it easy for marketers and business owners by enabling them to create, customize and personalize marketing messages tailored to an interest of a potential customer upon their visit or return to the website.

Whether it is a website pop-up, mobile push notification, chat app, messengers, e-mail marketing, or SMS messages, it can create unique and relevant experiences, special deals and promotions, or direct messages to the targeted segments at the right time and through the right channels: LINE, Web Push Notification, App Push Notification, Email, SMS, Web Popup, FB messenger, and more!

Wanida Tardivel works in Asia’s leading marketing automation agency who is handle a wide range of big-name clients with marketing automation services that are very much of this day and age: data driven, customer focused, and technology centric. Today she exchanges views with one of Thai marketing automation experts, Khun Pong Chaiyapong, to answer why marketing automation is the key of success and the future of business models. Pong Chaiyapong has been working in business for two decades. He established his company with his partner in 2011 and have worked together ever since.

Wanida Tardivel: Good day Khun Pong, thanks for being with us today. There are so many tools, platforms and solutions available in the market, but it seems difficult to link and make them all work together. Therefore, we want to have a talk with you to learn more about what will be the best automated solutions for customers. Please give us your opinion on digital marketing trends (that lead to marketing automation).

Chaiyapong: In my opinion, the digital marketing trends will be connected to each point step by step. For example, if the block chain is more widely accepted and the points from each platform can be exchanged, it is connected by API. So, automation will be the front to collect the data. If there is a trade up, it will call the API from another platform to show up. In summary, the automation in each platform will be connected to each other by API and show the result automatically.

Tardivel: Your top marketing tools (to make you a smarter marketer)

Chaiyapong:I will sort from my experience that makes you a smart marketer. Let’s start from CDP (Customer Data Platform), the tool used for collecting the customer data at the centralize and can connect with multichannel to communicate with the customer. Next, it is CEP (Customer Engagement Platform), the tool that creates a campaign and measures its results in multimedia which can be direct media (email, sms, line) or social media (Facebook, Instagram, twitter) from the centralized platform. Last but not least, CMP (Consent Management Platform) is the tool that is used for managing the authorization collection of customer data in centralize. All the platforms that I mentioned above should be connected and used together seamlessly.

Wanida Tardivel: Your opinion about top consumer trends to watch in Thailand

Chaiyapong: I would like to separate them into 5 topics.Online payment will be the viral in the country. Nowadays, it is easy to do things such as going to restaurants and paying via PromptPay. Some places may not be ready to change their system to online payment for now, but in the future they will prepare and adapt themselves to be ready to use the electronic payment…i.e cashless society.

The food delivery application will be more focused on less GP because trend as the food delivery will be very popular. In this way, application will compete the GP (Gross profit) in order to enter into the daily life of customers.

Crypto currency is more widely accepted. The next trend may be exchanging points between platforms by block chain.

Blockchain will be more important than ever. It will play a role in daily life of Thai people even more on financial transactions with ecommerce.

Social Commerceas Live to sell products may directly connect to ecommerce – as in the future, it may directly connect to ecommerce without stocking products or when the YouTuber wants to promote the product that may be automatically linked to ecommerce system.

Wanida Tardivel: What future skills will the young generation need?

Chaiyapong: In the future, skills that the young generation need will be coding. In the future, whether it is a matter of marketing, the knowledge must be automated. Online sales should be more automated for convenience and speed. Financials should be more online and secured. The important thing is logic; we need to understand how to think systematically. Moreover, logical thinking can be practiced by coding, not only to be a programmer but also to think systematically.

Wanida Tardivel: What is the biggest strength of our company/service right now? Can you please give us more details on your company?

Chaiyapong: Our biggest strength is we have our own CDP (Customer Data Platform) and Marketing Automation called PAM Solution which can be connected seamlessly and run automatically. It does not only focus on marketing, but it also links to every point of the company such as production, finance, stocking and delivery. Once we have our own CDP and marketing automation, it should be applied to our customer to help their company not only marketing but also every point to be automate, giving them more savings and lowering costs.

PAM Marketing Automation


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