Bangkok’s hit stage show MUAY THAI LIVE: THE LEGEND LIVES rebirth in 2015 as a “double-bill” edition combining its world-class stage show THE LEGEND LIVES with a new attraction: MUAY THAI LIVE BOXING: WARRIORS RISING, featuring live Muay Thai fights.

“Muay Thai Live: The Legend Lives” hero actors were chosen from over 400 from all over Thailand. The candidates ranged from real fighters, stuntmen, sword fighters to free runners, and more. It took 7 months to build the actors up through rigorous training which still continues today. Many of the actors had not been trained in Muay Thai previously but they learned it all for the stage show.

Here is some information about 5 of the heros of Muay Thai Live: The Legend Lives


Nopparit Sribut “Aizen” Character: Praya Pichai, Big boss who flight Prachao Sue, Chief of crimainal

Before Muay Thai Live he was in the military at Royal Thai Marine Corps. He also worked as a stunt man and is currently working as a trainer too. His Idol are Daniel Craig, Jason Statham

Special Skills: Sword fighting, Fighting, Muay Thai, Close quarters combat

He has had a passion for Thai martial arts since he was young. He started practicing Muay Thai boxing since the age of 7.All of his life, he always practicedMuay Thai and other martial arts. He wants to present Thai martial arts, the history about Muay Thai and Thai history to the world.

He wants to open an academy about Muay Thai or martial arts.


Ataporn Suwan “Art”

Has been a Muay Thai boxer since age 11. He fought in the ring between the ages of 11-20. He became a champion fighterwhen his body only weighed 29 kg. He currently fights in 123lbs category. At the age of 23 he had the chance to act in the movie “A Beautiful Boxer” for which he won Best Actor award in Thailand Oscar. At age 25 he went back to fighting in the ring until he was 31. During this time he also took on acting jobs related to boxing like “Boxing Boy”. He has trained in the same camp as SaenSorPloenchit.

HIs Idol: Russell Crow as actor (A Beautiful Mind and Gladiator)and Saen Sor Ploenchit Muay Thai boxer. Special Skills: He is able to use both legs to kick equally strong with fast movements in the speed of light.

He’s realized that Muay Thai is beneficial to health. Even at the age of 34 he has more muscles and flexibility than before. For him, it is incredible to be able to express more of the real Muay Thai movements that are prohibited from being used in the ring due to strict rules and regulations. There’s much more to MuayThai than what you see in the ring. Some fatal movements of Muay Thai that you can see in the show include “Khotchasan Rat Sung” (Elephants using their trunk to grab a piece of log).

He wants to someday open a Muay Thai academy following in the footsteps of Master Sane


Name: Kajornpong Pornpisoot “Sun”

He studied the art of Thai dance, namely the “Khon” (a kind of Thai Drama). His family has always been supportive of him. During his High School years, he chose to learn about Muay kaad cheuk (a kind of ancient boxing, originally bare-knuckle, Siamese boxers binding their fists and forearms with hemp rope) Special Skills: Muay Khotchasan, Thai dancing art and Thai dance + Muay kaad cheuk. He wants to promote Muay Thai and Thai dance to the new generation of Thai youth and also be a representative of Thai martial arts to the world.


Rungroje Phawamongkholchai “Top” Character: Main actor in Action Fighter

Graduated with a B.A. Social Science, Srinakharinwirot University. Before Muay Thai Live he worked as a stunt man and studied. His Idol: Donnie yen. He got special skills: Taekwondo, Karate

He has been interested inmartial arts such has Karate, Taekwondo and Boxing and studied them since he was young. However, he did not have the chance to learn Muay Thai back then. When he heard about the Muay Thai Live auditions from Facebook he was interestedin trying for the role because he wanted to learn Muay Thai art and use Thai Muay Thai Live to spread the popularity of Thai martial arts. He wants to be an actor in Muay Thai Live continually.


Nerun Sreesun “Noom” Character: Phraya Pichai

He has been a stunt man since he graduated from university. His Idol: Donnie Yen, Jackie Chan, Tony Ja. He got special skills: Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Gymnastic

He heard about Muay Thai Live auditions from Facebook and was interested because he wanted to know more about Muay Thai. As an actor of Muay Thai Live he is proud to be a representative of Thai martial arts to the world. He wants to be a trainer and acting coach.


Muay Thai Live just celebrated its one year anniversary, Bangkok’s hit stage show MUAY THAI LIVE: THE LEGEND LIVES re-birth as a “double-bill” edition combining its world-class stage show THE LEGEND LIVES with a new attraction: MUAY THAI LIVE BOXING: WARRIORS RISING, featuring live Muay Thai fights.

By offering Muay Thai fights in addition to its now classic stage show, MUAY THAI LIVE positions itself as the total Thai Boxing experience in Thailand: the only attraction combining entertainment, culture, drama and real Thai boxing in action.

Created by internationally acclaimed director Ekachai Uekrongtham, MUAY THAI LIVE: THE LEGEND LIVES is a spectacular live show featuring hyper-real Muay Thai fights, breathtaking stunts and jaw-dropping special effects, with the riches of Thai history as its gorgeous backdrop!

MUAY THAI LIVE: THE LEGEND LIVES tells the untold story of the origins and heroes of Muay Thai, spanning 300 years, from the past to present day. Come face to face with Muay Thai’s greatest heroes, from the Tiger in Disguise to the Prisoner with Eight Limbs, to the Warrior of Broken Swords, and many more!

Perfectly suited for the whole family, the show takes the audience through an epic and colorful journey in time, going back hundreds of years to the inception of the sport all the way to present time.

Under the mentorship of Muay Thai Grand Master Sane Tubtimtong, a living legend in the traditional art of Thai Boxing, MUAY THAI LIVE BOXING: WARRIORS RISING will feature some of the rising stars of Thai boxing engaged in spectacular fights to win the night. Providing the raw and unadulterated

experience of Thailand’s hugely popular martial art, MUAY THAI BOXING provides a fitting conclusion to THE LEGEND LIVES, showing how the ancient and sacred art of Muay Thai has turned into the most spectacular martial art in the world.

Audiences will also have access to an international standard souvenir and book shop featuring products related to Muay Thai and its rich history.

Perform nightly except Mondays, from 8pm to 9pm, at the Stage located within Asiatique, The Riverfront, a new ultra-modern museum-styled theatre on the bank of the Chao Phraya River. Standard seats cost THB 1,200. Premium seats cost THB 1,500. Group deals are available. Check with the hotline for special promotions.

Ticketing hotline: +66 (0)2-108-5999

Reservation email: reservation@muaythailives.com Online booking: www.thaiticketmajor.com/muaythailive www.muaythailive.com

The Stage is located at Asiatique The Riverfront, 2194 Warehouse 4, Charoenkrung Road, Wat Prayakrai District, Bangkor Laem, Bangkok 10120, Thailand