Bueng Kan


Bueng Kan is a province in Thailand that contains waterfalls, mountains, and various kinds of tourist attractions.  It borders the Makong River and Bolikhamsai Province of Laos.  It is a newly established province but contains lots of interesting places including natural, historical, art and cultural places.

There are 8 districts in Bueng Kan : Muaeng Bueng Kan, Pak Khat, So Phisai, Si Wilai, Phon Charoen, Seka, Bueng Khong Long, and Bung Khla.

Bueng Kan Travel Guide

Phu Lung Ka : it is the place where the stupa of Phra That Phu Lung Ka is situated.

Phu Thok : it is the mountain where Wat (temple) Chetiya Khiri Wihan or Wat Phu Thok is situated.  The sandstone mountain contains Pho Thok Yai, Pho Thok Noi, and Buddhist hall.  Visitors can walk and go sightseeing around the mountain.

Phu Wua Wildlife Sanctuary : there are a lot of beautiful viewpoints and waterfalls such as Ched Si Waterfall which is the biggest waterfall in Bueng Kan, Tham Phra Waterfall, and Tham Foon Waterfall.

Beung Khong Long and Hat Kham Somboon : Bueng Khong Long is a large lake. In winter, the water level decreases and there is a beach called Hat Kham Somboon which is a relaxing place for people in Bueng Kan.

Kaeng Ar-Hong : it is the deepest area of the Mekong River.  Near the area is Wat (temple) Ar-Hong Silawat where you can see beautiful marble chapel and ‘Phra Phuttakhuwanansadsada’, the brass-molded Buddha image.

Nong Kut Ting : a big swamp which is the habitat of more than 250 species of fish including 20 rare species of fish, 200 species of water plants, and over 40 species of birds.  It is also a land of food and livelihood for 2,000 households.  With its abundance, Nong Kut Ting was registered as the world’s important wetland (Ramsar Site). 

Laos Market : a market in Muaeng Bueng Kan which open every Tuesday and Friday.  It is called Laos Market because there are many Lao people come sell things like vegetables, dried food, and fresh food at the market.

Wat Sawang Ar-rom (Wat Tham Si Thon) : the temple is located on a mountain with shady trees and small rivers.  Inside the temple, there is a reclining Buddha image.  On a large rock is a bell-shaped chapel.  Visitors can see the view of Laos from the top.

Food and drink

You can try both Thai and Isan food in this province.  Since the province borders the Makong River, the recommended food is fish with different cooking process such as frying, steaming, stir-frying, or fish in spicy soups.


Local products and souvenirs

Ban Sa Ngor Thai Fabrics Community : address 109, Moo 2, Ban Sa Ngor, Hor Kham.  Tel : (+66) 084242 2524, 089 575 3649

Hor Kham Agricultural Community : contact Khun Pranieam Theehorkham. Tel : (+66) 085 007460

(For more information of OTOP products, contact Bueng Kan Community Development Office)


There are many hotels and resorts in the province especially around the Mekong River.

Credits: www.tourismthailand.org